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مشاهدة 24,مايو 2022;

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Rajyapal Singh

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Rajyapal Singh

RAJYAPAL SINGH 7499248159 [email protected] SWA M.N. 11739 , IFTDA M.N. 11685 Hindi feature film named ‘SECOND MOTHER’ under banner of Sumitra Production House has been completed which is written and directed by Rajyapal Singh. I have completed a project as Writer and Director that is web series named ‘ ANTAR MANTAR ‘ for Kesari Production which is about to telecast on OTT very soon. In 2008 I have completed B.Tech in Computer science and engineering from Delhi , later on joined IT company and worked as computer engineer alongside theatre activities for 4 years in Delhi. In 2012 I joined Television industry in Mumbai as assistant director towards associate and later on Directorial career. ( O gujaria- Channel V, Hamsafar- Zee Tv, Doli armano ki – Zee Tv, Nili chhatri- Zee Tv , Kuware Kangna – regional, Babu ji byah kara do - as second unit director) In 2016 I worked as associate director in Hindi feature film ‘ ASHLEY ‘ and also worked as associate director in another feature film named ‘ FULL STOP ‘ in 2017.

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