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Fever Hijacked
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Mourad Hamla

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Mourad Hamla

photographer and director. Since its inception, it has led a reflection on the human condition, the relationship to the other, that of reality and the psyche and seeks to represent the tension of the soul through the gaze of the other in time and in space by using the image and the cinema as a base for experimentation. and continues to explore around the image – movement through narrative conceptual videos and photography where reality and fiction merge. The Howl of an image to reflect the human condition, an image that resonates eternally to allow me to give voice to my thoughts, the waltz of my life, the journey of my existence and the traces of my experiences. An image, that despite an experience always sees with my child's gaze Sharing between the practice of photography and documentary film, I have developed a artistic research in which I give free rein to my creativity and the expression of my personal and intimate universe. Deeply steeped in literature, and visual media various I seek to represent the deep tensions, those of the soul through a look, a face or a conceptual image, in my images I am interested in the human above all, strong of my explorations, and previous experiences, my own approach is the realization of work which evolves with me, with my metamorphoses, which tries to arouse emotions and which makes it possible to reach meditative states, the desire to tell is an exercise that I consider , both exciting and complex , it is undoubtedly the one that consists in tell with the images and the sound to grab the spectator, until the trained in a state of suspension it is precisely this desire based on the perception and the sensitivity which is found at the very center of my practice

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