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Serkan Aktaş

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Serkan Aktaş

IDENTIFICATION Name and Surname : Serkan AKTAŞ Birth Date : 04.12.1989 Place of Birth : Istanbul/ Turkey EDUCATION University-1 : Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business Administration (2008-2013) University-2 : Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics (2009-2014) Certificate : Istanbul Cinema Academy Film School (2015-2016) Master Degree : Beykent University Institut of Social Sciences, Film and TV Master of Arts (2015 - 2017) Doctorate Degree : Beykent University Institut of Graduate Studies, Film and TV, Doctor of Arts (2017 - 2022) FILMOGRAPHY Mirroty (2017) (Short Film) Resurrection under the Ocean (2021) (Short Film) The Librarian (2022) (Short Film)

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