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My Mother
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Mohammed Adel Abd El Azim

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Mohammed Adel Abd El Azim

Writer, Director & Producer: Mohammed Adel: Mohammed has been working as a journalist for more than 10 years for newspapers, magazines, and websites, such as "Goodnews Cinema" magazine, "El Dostor", "Egyfilm", and "Bos W Tol". Currently, he is a member of the Syndicate of Journalists in Egypt and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Rose El Youssef" magazine. He works also as an editor and scriptwriter for some radio and TV channels such as Nogoum FM and Al Arabyia Channel. He assisted with the production of several films about Egyptian minorities. He is also a writer, director and producer of films such as "El Ola", and "2 Afternoon" that were selected in festivals such as the International Film Festival for National Unity in Bahrain in 2014. Mohammed Adel was the writer, director and producer of the short documentary: "" (France – Egypt) which was one of French workshop's L’histore du jour productions in cooperation with the Cultural French Center in Egypt. The film has been selected in more than 30 festivals inside and outside Egypt including "Short film Corner" at Cannes International Film Festival (2015). Beirut International Film Festival, Karama Film Festival. He has won multiple awards. Furthermore, Adel has recently participated in two prestigious workshops: "My Father" (short documentary – writer, director and producer – Participating in production with Cinematheque and Les Ateliers Varan, beside: Union européenne, Institut Francais – Egypte, Mairies De Paris, Procirep & Ile-de-France). "My Mother" (short documentary – writer, director & producer – Participating with Edraak, Queen Rania, queen of JordanTrip around the film industry with the Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s workshop). In addition, he has recently worked with Egyptian director Tamer Mohsen who directed many films and television series where he worked with as assistant director in advertising to support cancer patients. 2017, he's been chosen as one of 12 filmmakers in GoEast Young filmmakers for peace 2017 - Robert Bosch Stiftung - GoEast festival doc (Germany). 2018, he has been chosen as a member at DOXBOX community. DOXBOX: The Association is run by a small team of dedicated professionals coming from various cultural backgrounds, overseen by a Board that is elected by a General Assembly (GA). The GA is the highest decision-making body of DOX BOX. It consists of internationally renowned members who specialize in documentary filmmaking, event and cultural management, finance, communication, politics and activism. International Steering Committees support and advise our managers in their work. He is currently Agent & Producer (the company's agent in Egypt). "Abajura" production company (B-Retta Film AB Production Company) in "Sweden": He recently was co-writer of the script of the feature film "Kuhl and Habhan", based on a novel of the same name by the writer "Omar Taher", and it was nominated for the "Naguib Mahfouz" award for the novel. He is currently preparing for his new project, his new short film "Qabbani in Quarantine", written and directed by him and starring the big Arabic super star "Sulaf Fawakherji".

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