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Merve Özen

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Merve Özen

I was born in Aydın, Turkey in 1991. I completed my education from primary school to high school here. In 2011 I began my undergraduate degree in the Archeology department at the Faculty of Humanities of Eskişehir Anadolu University. For three years, I actively took part in a committee organizing the Youth Film Festival and Labor Film Festival in Eskişehir. I earned my first documentary film experience in 2014 with the documentary “Ali;Düşlerinde Özgür Dünya” (Ali; A free world in dreams). In 2014 within the AFAD Short Film Supporting Programme my scenario called “Clicktivism- Social Earthquake” was shortlisted in the first 20 scenarios out of 64 and recieved a grant. In Izmir, where I moved to in 2017, I took place professionally and voluntarily in many projects. Moving to Istanbul in 2019 I began to work as an assistant director and Video editor for adverts filmed for a various companies and brands. Lastly I filmed a short film “Notation” for which I wrote the scenario and directed, with the support of Izmir Sinema Evi’s European Union Sivil Dusun programme.

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