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Marcelo Lagreze

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Marcelo Lagreze

Director, editor and Photographer. Born in Cordoba, Argentina 1978. His childhood took place in Patagonia (Comodoro Rivadavia). His university training was in Córdoba, where he studied Cinema and Television. Since then, he has created fiction and animation short films as well as documentaries. Without ever forgetting his passion for photography. His ability to vision the final editing when filming, is remarkable. As a result, he is able to create a fluid narrative, making the post production work easier.He moved to Chile and got experience in advertising. After that he created the short documentary "La Utopia De Los Indignados" - "Utopia Of The Outraged". Piece of work that received recognition and awards in various international festivals. At the same time, he started filming with his cell phone and exploring this new way of performing his work. He began the Mobile Filmmaker path.

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