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Artistic biography of Khaled Farajzadeh Name and surname: Khaled Farajzadeh 1989/01/16: Date of birth Place of birth: Kurdistan - Saqez Specialty: Photographer. Filmmaker History of artistic activity: 10 Description: Photographer and filmmaker from the city of Saqqez, who has learned the art of photography and filmmaking experimentally and has several Short work. Documentary and animation with the names of the short film Awat. The Edge of Death. The Tea of Bread / Sweet Thought Animation. Anonymous of Kurdistan Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini I am nicknamed Awesome and I have been able to use photography in various festivals and exhibitions Be present nationally and internationally Brief of the honors Attending more than 50 festivals with the mentioned films Attending international exhibitions and festivals in Iraq, Norway, USA, Ukraine, Hungary, Nigeria, England .India.Canada.Indonesia.South Korea.Bangalsh.Russia and .... Recognition of 21 seasons of Bangladesh Festival 2019 Diploma of Honor of the Turkish-Israeli Special Prize and the title of Photographer of the first edition of the Kharkov Arttravel Festival in Ukraine with Kurdistan Culture Photo Collection Honorary diploma and first prize at the festival edge orlando america with a single photo of women Appreciation of Isa Bial Magazine Art Magazine for Photography from Canada Receive a valid art certificate from the American Miami Festival Receive a cash prize and an honorary diploma from the fifth Indonesian festival Winning first place and cash prize from média és film Photo and Film Festival, Akadémia Ferenc Faludi részleg Hungary with single photo of children's habitat 2020 The presence of Awat short film in more than ten international festivals and winning the award for the best idea and the best image of the provincial festival Kurdistan Disability The presence of the short film Edge of Death in the countries: USA, India, Tunisia, Algeria and attending the finals of IFF Newark festivals Orange Lisbon Film Rendezvous and America Youth Festival Presence of Sweet Thought animation in festivals: Algiers, Pakistan, South Korea. And Russia The short film "Eye of Bread" at festivals in Turkey, South Korea, India and the United States

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