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The REEL WORLD of Mrs Mitty
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Paul Weston

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Paul Weston

Grew up obviously loving movies. Then after watching Star Wars in 1977 on the opening night, developed an interest in film-making. Though unable to pursue the craft professionally, Paul finally turned it into a serious hobby after acquiring the wonderful editing/visual effects software Hitfilm. Then began a series of small visual effects videos, each one getting more and more complex. A friend then suggested to him to perhaps start making "short films" which would string all these effects together. So began a series of short films, which though low on plot, dazzled with (at first) low budget effects. Each successive film, generating new and better visuals as he went on. Eventually culminating in the last film being screened at the Creation Film Festival in Canada and winning the category of "Best Science Fiction Short". He followed that up with the very popular "The REEL World of Mrs Mitty", and it's sequel "Mitty In The City". Paul continues to push the boundaries of visual effects with each subsequent movie.

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