Why You Should Be a Content Creator!

content creator

When you ask people what they think a content creator does they usually answer something like “they make videos for a living” while pointing to their favorite Instagram model or YouTuber. Today we want to debunk this myth and basically show some love to all forms of content creation.

The literal definition of a content creator is someone who creates content, with content being anything people consume for entertainment or education. This is a very confusing way of saying creators create things people want, but who technically can call themselves a content creator.

Our main message at SPIN is to encourage everyone to share themselves through their content so we want to debunk the two main myths about content creators that stops millions of people from getting into creating content.





Most creators think they need the highest quality camera and a team of editors to gain any success creating content. To argue this point we’ll use Mr. Beast, a very successful YouTuber with over 90 million subscribers. His very first videos were all filmed and edited by him using his iPhone 5 in his bedroom and you can tell they are not the highest quality videos, especially if you compare them to his videos nowadays. However, he built an audience of over 200,000 with this method! This shows that you can always start with whatever gear you have because it’s mostly about the content and the creator and how good they are.

If I gave a creator all the best gear and a huge budget, they might still create awful content because they don’t have the fundamentals! The rule here is to start with what you have and don’t let the lack of money or high quality gear stop you from creating.



Myth #2 You Have to Make Money From Your Content



Making money from your passion is an admirable goal to have, but it’s not the only reason people should go into content creation. You have a message to spread and no matter how many people you think have done the same thing, you still have something they don’t…You! You are different and unique and so your message will be too.

People’s focus on making money from content has stifled creativity! People only create content that they think will get the highest number of views, but you should create content that expresses your message best! Follow your creative self and you will find an audience that loves the same thing, but follow the money and you will only find burnout.

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